Olive oil
is the great healer,
a cure for about 60 diseases.

My story about organic oil

At the highest point of Umag town, in the Buščina village, are the olive groves of my family, the Zubin family. We own 3,500 olive trees spread over 20ha of land from which we produce premium, world-renowned, extra virgin olive oil. After trying many jobs, I returned to my first love - olive growing.

I grow olives the way my grandparents did, in a natural and organic way, but this time integrated with modern production technologies. My goal is to offer, above all, a product that has many positive health effects. Extra virgin olive oil is a universal medicine for which there are no contraindications, i.e. no person in the world is allergic to olive oil. My family and I use oil not only in our daily diet, but also for disease prevention by assuming a small teaspoon of olive oil every morning just before breakfast.

Our oil, Oio de Buščina is one of the 20 best oils in the world!

Olive growing is somewhat addictive to me, but in a positive way - when it catches you, it is hard to get out of it.
I have done many things so far in terms of spreading olive groves and planting young olives. I wanted to have 12 different olive varieties, as the months in a year. After that, I stopped the expansion of the olive groves, and dedicated myself to nurturing and perfecting the existing trees.

From our olive groves, we produce about 50 hectolitres of premium organic extra virgin olive oil per year. I admit, there are cheaper oils compared to ours, but this is the price of organic farming, where the yield is weaker due to pesticides and other non-organic chemicals avoidance. Despite the price, I have no problems in selling it and I am pleased when I see so many satisfied customers.

Enio Zubin


An oil of exceptional quality, with a fresh scent, a pleasant bitterness and a pronounced spiciness.
The oil is ideal with marinated salmon, vegetable soups, porcini mushrooms appetizers, fried fish, grilled red meat, and goes well with goat cheese.


This variety is recognized for its very pronounced spiciness and bitterness.
In the background of these desirable and natural properties, barely any other positive feature is noticeable. This oil is ideal for grilled fish, tuna-carpaccio and meat dishes. It suites well with bean soup and veggie appetizers.


Provides extraordinarily fresh oil with a pronounced spiciness, bitterness, sweet taste and olive fruit aroma.
It is ideal for raw blue fish, especially tuna and palamid, grilled blue fish, baked octopus, goose liver, tuna and bean salad.


An exceptional top quality organic product obtained from the first harvest of the new organic olive groves located in the area of Buščina, Markocija.
The assortment is a mix of 9 types of olives: Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Istarska bjelica, Coratina, Picholine, Crnica, Buža and Itrana.

Awards in the current year

Prominent honors and awards

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The Buje area is not only known for its truffles. This is where some of the best olive oils in the world come from. It’s the place where Enio Zubin’s Bjelica is made, produced on his father's estate. About ten years ago, a trained graphic designer took over his father's ancient olive trees, planted additional young olives, embarked on organic farming and fertilization exclusively with humus of his own algae production and olive harvesting residues. Like many others in the area, he is new to this business. His tasting room is still just a bit more than a bench in front of the house... On his vast plot of land, he made an olive trail and is turning a barn into a vacation home. Next to him, his sister already runs a delicious restaurant. The only thing missing is tourists who want to visit and enjoy themselves even outside the swimming season.

Kai Röger, Tagesspiegel Genus, April, 2016
Oio de Buščina’s Selection blend and the monocultivar Crnica variety are of intense, clear golden-yellow with light green tones color. The aroma is clear and rich, with herbal notes of artichoke, chickpeas and lettuce, combined with pronounced aromatic hints of mint and rosemary. The taste is rounded and strong, enriched with plant notes with some vegetables and spicy black pepper nuances and an almond finish. It is characterized by a clear bitterness and a pronounced pungency.
Flos Olei is the only guide in the world for extra virgin olive oils which has included 75 oils from Istria for this year, while Italy is represented by 80 olive oils in total. Of the Istrian olive growers, the absolute winner in the category of monocultivar, medium-intensive, fruity extra virgin olive oils, with 97 points out of 100 points, is Enio Zubin from Umag with his oil "Oio de Bušćina - Črnica" produced from autochthonous plants. He won the world champion title in 2016 as well, to shine again today on the list of "best 20" in the world.

Sanja Bosnić, Glas Istre, 09.03.2018
Enio Zubin: Knight of Olive Friendship and olive grower of the year.
Namely, on December 9th, 2017, he was awarded with the olive oil of the year award in Rome, and this year his winning oil was listed among the world's top 20 olive oils in the 2018 Flos Olei World Guide. But that's not all, because Mr. Zubin was also nominated for the "Knight of Olive Friendship" award, which will be delivered to him on February 24th at the 15th Mediteranean Olive Tree Growers Festival "Maslina Split 2018" by the president of the state Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic.

Regional Express
Interestingly, Mr. Zubin has, among his counterparts from the world's leading olive growing countries, the smallest quantities. He yearly produces about 48 hectoliters of organic olive oil, while for example, a Spanish producer with whom he met today in Rome, Casas de Hualdo of the Castilla - La Mancha region, produces as many as 7642 hectoliters. In the light of these figures, it’s quite unnecessary mentioning the planted surfaces.

Barbara Ban,, 09.12.2017
Olive, as a rare woman in a male world, her life as a work of art, has become an innovative side of Istria, spreading radically, carried above all by the love of olive growers.
Being an olive grower is a good feeling, working in the fields and on fresh air, regardless of the accumulated fatigue, because you draw strength and love from our Istrian soil, and happiness is tasting oil with the others.

Nadija Zubin, Glas Istre, 08.03.2018
Yes, he may not have a luxuriously equipped olive oil tasting room, and neither way for the cellar. He is just working on it. But, he has premium extra virgin olive oil, which for the next year is among the top 20 in the world in the Flos Olei “olive oil Bible”. The humble Enio Zubin, from the small village of Buščina, near Umag, has created top quality oil, which in the past year, in the same guide won as many as 96 out of 100 possible points.

Barbara Ban,, 10.10.2017